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Дэвид Ганди на благотворительной акции при поддержке Marks&Spencer в школе Марии Фиделис, Лондон, 29.07.2015

Вот он - мечта всех женщин, красит на благотворительной акции, организованной британской кампанией Marks&Spencer, школьную мебель. Дэвид Ганди, Джоанна Ламли и Марк Болланд, исполнительный директор М&S, потратили несколько часов своего времени. чтобы восстановить заброшенный класс в школе Марии Фиделис в районе Камден в Лондоне 29 июля 2015 года." Муниципальная школа для детей с трудностью обучения стала очередным благотворительным проектом М&S, которая назвала свою акцию "Spark Something Good campaign" (Сделай что-то хорошее). Как сказал Дэвид: "Я чувствую, что многие люди часто хотят помочь благотворительным организациями и проектам, но не знают, где найти информацию. Этот проект должен сообщить им о том, как они могут помочь на местном уровне. Вот почему М & S выпустила "Spark Something Good" для взаимодействия местных жителей с местными проектами" Фото с акции смотрим под катом



@AFA3AS: Last few jobs to do. Luckily extra help has arrived! @DGandyOfficial

@marksandspencer: @DGandyOfficial shows his support for #SparkSomethingGood and gets stuck in with the @AFA3AS volunteers!

With his chiseled jawline and penetrating blue eyes, there's little surprise that David Gandy is the world's highest-earning male model. 
He may be best known for his rippling abs and blue steel pose but David, 35, is keen to give back, too.
Proving that he's more than just a pretty face, the tall, dark and devilishly handsome male supermodel has used his name for the better - by lending his free time to a charity campaign.
David, who has long been the posterboy for M&S, joined forces with Joanna Lumley to help Marks & Spencer complete 24 community projects in just 24 hours to mark the launch of its new Spark Something Good campaign.

The catwalk stalwart, who has modelled for M&S for years and even designed his own range of underwear and swimwear for the high street giant, donated his afternoon to help transform lives at Maria Fidelis School in Camden
Showcasing his honed biceps in a fitted navy T-shirt, David helped refurbish a disused classroom at the Maria Fidelis School in Camden, enabling the school to deal with its highest ever intake of children with learning difficulties in partnership with Achievement for All, the latest charity that generous David has become an ambassador for.
Speaking about supporting Marks & Spencer's Spark Something Good campaign, the Essex-born supermodel said: 'I'm supporting M&S's Spark Something Good initiative to help them encourage and empower people across the country to pick up a shovel, paint brush and take action for social good. 
'I've learnt from the charities that I support and work with that it's not always donations that are of the greatest benefit, but peoples' time and effort really counts. 
'By donating time and expertise, it's not only the charity that benefits, but the local community does too. 
'I love the idea of people coming together to make a difference. We're showing exactly what can be achieved within a very short 24 hour period.'

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