вторник, 21 октября 2014 г.

Бенедикт Камбербэтч на вечеринке Magazine Flaunt & Sand Copenhagen, Лондон, 19.10.2014

Английский журнал Flaunt совместно с Модным домом Sand Copenhagen* организовали вечеринку в честь выхода новой коллекции The Grind Issue в Лондоне, в Soho’s Blacks Club, что на улице Dean Street 19 октября 2014 года. Почетным гостем на этой вечеринке стал Бенедикт Камбербэтч. Мало того, что он недавно снялся в одном из фотосетов и роликов для Flaunt, так Бенедикт является и самым стильным мужчиной по версии этого журнала, поэтому как ни ему присутствовать на вечеринке по случаю появления чего-то нового в мире моды. народ пил органические витаминизированные напитки и джин Hoxton - лучший джин в мире...



Benedict Cumberbatch attends the launch of Flaunt Magazine’s The Grind Issue at Blacks on October 19, 2014 in London, England. 




flaunt.com: Flaunt celebrates the release of The Grind Issue with SAND Copenhagen and Benedict Cumberbatch at Soho’s Blacks Club.

Thomas Edison once said, “There is no substitute for hard work,” but what did he ever do? We think hopping business class across the pond (in-flight movie: Marky Mark’s Transformers; in-flight meal: Dewar’s on the rocks), darting over to London’s Dean Street, and celebrating the release of The Grind Issue with pals SAND Copenhagen and Benedict Cumberbatch at Soho’s Blacks Club is a fine substitute for just about anything, especially hard work. We shook our jetlag hobnobbing with the likes of Paloma Faith, Jordan Stephens, Billy Howle, Nikki Amuka Bird, Polly Stenham, James Long, Billie JD Porter, Daisy Lewis, Ella Catliff, Robert Montgomery and Mandi Lennard, rehydrated our digestive systems with organic CPRESS Juice (349% Vitamin A? We didn’t even know that was possible), and sipped some Hoxton Gin because, hey, it’s only the world’s most distinctive gin. The vibe was, appropriately, Georgian and grind-y, the club itself art directed in collaboration with the Cob Gallery to fit The Grind Issue’s expeditious mood. Now, back to work.

Sand Copenhagen* - “The design of the Danish Fashion house SAND is driven by passion, creativity and innovation. What started in the 80´s, until today grew into an international fashion brand. Cool Scandinavian silhouettes combined with southern European charm to maintain its provocative, sophisticated focus – SAND creates clothes for the way world citizens think, work and live.

„Our inspiration is to create favourite pieces of clothes, that you can practically move into, are easy to live with and hard to get rid of. The different parts are relaxed and comfortable, but at the same time they ooze of karma”, says Creative Director Soren Sand.

The overall philosophy behind the collection of SAND – whether it be for Men or Women – is a fine balance between the neo-classic and sophisticated up against the twisted and the quirky.”
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